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History Log

General Aviation Panel - Change Log

Date (dd-mm-year) (Version)

04-04-2013 (
Corrected Floating Point Errors and DME numbers with boxes.

09-02-2010 (
Helicopter's ASI indicator, Turbine/Rotor and Torque gauges added.
Minor bugs fixed (Oil Press gauge now works even with overpressure)

17-01-2010 (
Register window updated.

08-01-2010 (
Added: Magnetic Compass.
Some language bugs fixed.

21-11-2009 (
Added: 4000 feet Variometer (Vertical Speed Indicator).

24-10-2009 (
Modify: Radioaltimeter's DH is now read from FSX (Read Only).

04-09-2009 (
Added: CASA 212 Anemometer.

03-06-2009 (
Added: Autodetection of international units used for altimeter, Kollsman changes automatically (hPa or inHg).

28-01-2008 (
Slow down the execution code to prevent 100% of CPU use.

24-01-2008 (
Drawing speed improvement.

24-01-2008 (
Some gauges and needles smooth.

23-01-2008 (
Added: Flap-Trim indicator and Landing Gear annunciators.
Added: suport to MouseWheel, you can now rotate the knobs using the mouse's wheel over the gauges without click and drag.
Added: MouseWheel options in the options screen.
Help manual and panels updated.

16-10-2007 (
Possibility to add the Magnetic deviation to the Gyro or HSI, it can be selected in options screen.
Help manual updated.

15-10-2007 (
G's Meter added and VSI indication corrections.

10-08-2007 (
Remember also the loaded panels as the last panel used, not the saved only.

04-07-2007 (
Added an altimeter bug linked with the autopilot altitude (10000 ft per revolution).
It can be showed or hidded in Options window.

25-04-2007 (
Option added in GAPANEL.INI file to show or hide connection error messages:
ShowErrorConn=0 #Hide error messages. =1 to show. By default it shows the messages.

15-04-2007 (
Show error messages when connect with FSUIPC if produced.
Increase of speed of reading and less net traffic.

10-04-2007 (
Solved problem about cdi and glideslope indications on HSI and VOR

26-03-2007 (
Automatic adjust of the smoothness of movements of the gauges, important in old or slow computers.
Displacement of the instruments with the mouse enhaced (Ctrl+Drag) , it is also selected automatically to
continue moving with keys.

22-03-2007 (
Important bug about load panels solved.
Mouse actions over hidden instruments bug solved.

16-03-2007 (
Twin Engine Airspeed Indicator added (like Seneca III or Baron)
Twin Engine Oil Press and Oil Temp gauges added.
Twin Engine EGT and CHT gauges added.

15-03-2007 (
Dual needle Manifold Pressure gauge added (Piper Seneca III PA-34's like)
Dual needle RPM gauge added (Piper Seneca III PA-34's like)

02-03-2007 (
DH Light is lit only between +/- 25 feet of DH Bug.
Resizing and moving instruments with mouse enhaced.

26-02-3007 (
Icons added in gauges menu.

20-02-2007 (
Second RMI needle green colored.
New method to rotate the HSI heading bug that improves performances.

15-02-2007 (
Added four buttons to buy at diferent sellers.

14-02-2007 (
Resize instruments bug solved.

12-02-2007 (
Mouse controlled knobs.

08-02-2007 (
E-mail address changed.

07-02-2007 (
Language file added: Portuguese.
Language sensitive installer.
Some bugs solved.

05-02-2007 (
Radioaltimeter added.

Language files added: French and Italian.
Cessna 172 Air Speed Indicator added.

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