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History Log

Peix Software Radio Stack - Changes Log

Date (dd-mm-year) (Version)

05-11-2014 (
- DME again works.

13-01-2014 (
Autopilot flickering fixed.
- Change frequencies with keyboard fixed.

30-12-2010 (
- Internal verification of frequencies.
- Possibility to hide the pictures/plates and display only the digits.
- ADF accepts decimals.
- Enhaced polling of data and speedly.
- Mouse Wheel supported.

18-02-2008 (
- Two autopilots added. Similar to KFC 225 and Generic.
- Armed modes added.
- Colored buttons (orange for Armed, yellow for active)
- Revised English manual. - New options screen:
-- Individual device Italic fonts.
-- Stay on top.
-- Autoincrement selectable for Autopilot.
-- Button illumination cancellation on KFC 225 (real device doesn't have light buttons)

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